About MAME

The Michigan Association for Medical Education (MAME) is a non-profit organization made up of individuals involved in undergraduate, graduate, continuing medical education, professional medical societies, and/or institutions of higher learning. MAME evolved from the Michigan Association for Graduate and Postgraduate Medical Education (MAGPME), an organization formed in 1966 with the signing of the Articles of Incorporation. The MAME goals are as follows:

"To promote the development of sound graduate and postgraduate medical education programs in Michigan hospitals, and to improve existing programs. To assist in providing a continuing high level of medical care for the people of Michigan and to provide a forum for the mutual exchange of information and ideas among those interested in graduate and postgraduate medical education in Michigan. To establish and encourage both ethical principles & practices, promoting superior educational programs as a principle means of attracting graduate trainees into our Michigan hospitals. To serve as a liaison with the Medical Schools in Michigan in matters pertaining to graduate and postgraduate medical education, and to provide an additional mechanism for the evaluation of medical student performance."